How to prepare for session

  1. Fill out the Health History Intake Form and bring it with you on your initial visit.
  2. An initial session is a 90-minute appointment.  The visit typically includes going over your Health History Intake Form, evaluation, consultation, and hands on therapy.  The first three components can take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes
  3. Getting the most from your session:
    • Avoid a full meal or any alcoholic drinks before your massage.
    • Prepare mentally.  Have a meditative mindset, and let go of your troubles. “No therapist can do more for you than you are willing to do for yourself.”
    • Be clear about your goals. Be sure to mention any painful, sensitive areas on your body or any current medical problems.
    • Listen to your body and speak up especially if a certain stroke or move hurts. “The body doesn’t lie.”
    • Give yourself ample time for reentry.  The positive effects of bodywork often continue after a session is over. Try to let the experience sink in before diving back into the world of demands and responsibilities.


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