Significance of Synchronicity

"Every Being must choose some course of motion.
On this path of motion, we come in contact with others,
perhaps on different paths, yet all leading to the same destination, 
the path to the True Self from which our energies flow. 

This energy of the universe within, we call Spirit. 
It is the essence of peace.  It is what we all seek,
and it is what we knowingly or unknowingly dedicate all things to."

"Sometimes we may find others on the same path
that we can walk with in harmony,
and sometimes we may find others on the same path
that we not only walk with, but also work with. 

Equally opposing energies to create an essence of wholeness,
and bringing us to our True Selves.
As in Yin and Yang,
Positive and Negative,
Earth and Sky,
when these opposites work together to form the whole there is


"Just as there can be no light without dark,
there can be no massage
without the acceptance of the massage.
The wholeness of any massage
will depend on these equally,
yet opposite energies.

It is a supporting relationship between
the therapist and the receiver.
It is also a relationship of letting go;
allowing the natural energy to flow and completing the circle of wholeness,
consequently bringing us all to the source of happiness within."

- Peter L., New York


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