Mary Lo of Synchronicity Massage is the finest massage therapist I have ever experienced. I saw her weekly for many years until we moved to California last fall. When people here ask me what I miss about New York, I say, Mary Lo.
She is totally committed to body work and every year deepens and broadens her repertoire of practices. Mary is a lifelong learner and has integrated a wide range of techniques into her one-hour sessions. I have been a grateful beneficiary of her ardent commitment to the art and craft of massage, which has been used through the centuries to provide body balance and renewal and support human flourishing.
Mary's gift for knowing what my body needs most is a gift I appreciate; she relies upon both intuition and spiritual improvisation. During some sessions, her strokes and rubs have restored my circulation and provided me with new energy and vigor. On other days, she released muscle tensions and soothed sore spots. In any massage, the movements must be adapted to the situation.
I always enjoyed the ways in which Mary creates a peaceful sanctuary in her massage room. You can listen to her healing tapes or savor the silence. She also makes the most of her hands which are strong, flexible, relaxed, and sensitive.
The final benefits of choosing her as your massage therapist are her wise and skilled use of essential oils, her special talent for reflexology (massaging the feet), her expertise in dealing with the lymphatic system, and her ability to give special attention to injuries, illnesses, or emotional fluctuations. Most of the advice she gave me on body work to do at home or in the office turned out to be helpful and wise.
All of these gifts and talents make Mary's massages into mind-body therapy for people of all ages.
--Frederic A. Brussat
Editor and Writer for The Center for Spirituality & Practice
Christian Minister and Sufi Dervish. [Top]

Mary Lo is a world class massage therapist with great technique and a warm and caring personality which encourages improved self-care from patients.

--Vani Gandhi, MD
Director of Integrative Medicine, Mount Sinai Healthcare. [Top]

After the massage: “I come here for massage and I get three things from you.  I get a great massage. My body feels relaxed and lighter.  I feel my soul is begin cleaned as if I have been to church.”

--O. Mejia, NY, NY [Top]

My dear Mary…
I wanted you to know how blessed I feel that I was in your care these past months.  I have been to every medical specialist you can name over the past six years to try and relieve the pain I felt from double mastectomies gone wrong (five surgeries and still no relief), and a second/third degree burn on my neck which caused major complications in my neck and skull for years. All of the above, along with aging and the inability to take deep breaths because of my compromised chest area has been debilitating and depressing.
You seem to have an uncanny, intuitive ability to detect the trigger points in the human body. It always amazes me that you can do your magic over here and relieve the pain over there.
You have given me a fresh start in life and I thank you.

--Ricki C, NY, NY [Top]

Mary Lo is superior among the thousands of touch therapists I have supervised, been treated by, and taught. Her work is pinpoint-specific specific and gentle. And it's so comprehensive that the symptom you forgot to tell her about is gone after she addresses your initial need. Light, refreshing, deep and long-lasting, Mary's work reminds me that ease, flow and simplicity are always within my reach.

--George Russell, Doctor of Chiropractic from NY [Top]

I have been HIV positive for 17 years and had an undetectable viral level for the past fifteen years.

During our recent appointment I shared with you how after I began weekly sessions for lymphatic massage with you that my T cells jumped over 100 points during four months.  As you may recall that is more than a 30% increase.
Finally my immune system has returned to the level it was at prior to the radiation I had for my prostate cancer three years ago.

Please fell free to share my story, Mary.

--Michael, NY, NY [Top]

Massage therapy has become an integral part of my husband's cancer care.  Mary took the time to find out about my husband's cancer.  She provided a totally tranquil environment that promotes nothing but relaxation.  She concocted special organic oils and designed a treatment plan just for him.  She responded to the tension and stiffness in his body and provided the ultimate therapy.

She is knowledgeable in anatomy and massage.  She focuses all her energy to the well being of my husband.  Because of Mary’s commitment to my husband, he noticed a change in his well being from the very first massage.  Her weekly massages have added physical and emotional well-being to my husband.  She has touched all of us with her sincerity and kindness through this difficult time. She is a rare and special individual.

--Laura Mulhfled, NY [Top]

“Mary is careful…she is picky…she gets down to where the pain is and she cares about how you feel.”        
--Virginia Forst, Broadway actress, NY. [Top]

“I had a car accident and was hospitalized with fractures to my left leg.  I was very depressed.  Mary learnt about my accident and came to visit me right away.  Her kindness brought sunshine into the gloomy room.  When I could finally go home, Mary came to provide the badly needed massage.  The bodywork was very nurturing and I healed much faster than what my doctor expected.  Mary is more than a therapist, she is a friend, and most of all, she cares.”

--C. Campbell, Stockbroker, NY. [Top]


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